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RЕТ-64/32 input/output expansion module is intended to operate together with RETOM-71/61/51 systems and provides additional 64 inputs and 32 outputs.

This module is designed to carry out more rapid and accurate test of complicated microprocessor terminals. Module input and output parameters are similar to RETOM-71/61/51 input and output parameters.

Module delivery set includes:

  • RЕТ-64/32 input/output expansion module
  • accessories
  • RЕТ-64/32 case
  • RЕТ-64/32 spare parts and accessories kit
  • technical data sheet

Binary inputs

Interrogated circuit type
“dry” contact, live contact, transistor switch
DC output voltage, max
300 V
Input circuit threshold resistance
2 kOhm

Binary outputs

Contact switching capacity
– AC current
0,1 … 1,2 А 5 А
– AC voltage
300 V 150 V
Contact switching capacity
– DC current
5 А
– DC voltage
400 V

Operation condition

Temperature range
+5 ... +50 °
Device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Weight, max.
15 kg
Overall dimensions, max
520 х 160 х 500 mm
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