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RET-МОМ is an instrument with no analogs as it combines the functions of two instruments - the microohmmeter and the milliohmmeter.
Thanks to this, it is possible to measure a wide range of resistances: from automate contacts to high-inductance power transformer windings:
in "microohmmeter" mode within 1 µΩ ... 100 mΩ range:

  • automatic breaker contacts, disconnectors;
  • HV breaker contacts
  • cable joints
  • welded and bolt joints;
  • grounding connections;
  • knife contacts and fuses;
  • power conductor line sections, etc.

in "milliohmmeter"mode within 1 mΩ ... 200 Ω range you measure:

  • power transformer winding resistance;
  • different relay and disconnector resistance;
  • any resistance within the permissible range.

Due to the high output power RET-МОМ supports up to 600 A injection. This is utmost important when measuring small resistances. Therefore, an incredibly high measuring accuracy is obtained. Besides, high current and power values make it easy to measure resistance of contact or welded, bolt joints covered with the protective layer or that are dirty.
Due to the function "BOOST" that enables fast and, most important, secure winding magnetizing and de-magnetizing, RET-МОМ saves time considerably when measuring the power transformer winding resistance.
Besides, RET-МОМ performs many things automatically, videlicet:

  • resistance measurement;
  • fast magnetizing;
  • secure de-magnetizing;
  • calculation of winding resistances to reduced temperature;
  • saving measurement results.

RET-МОМ provides advanced disturbance immunity and supports operation in most severe climatic conditions with the temperature -20 ... +50° С


Source 1. «Milliohmmeter»

Test current, type
continuous (smooth)
Test current, value
0,012; 0,12; 1,2; 12 А
Resistance Measurement Range
0,002 ... 200 Ω
Permissible basic absolute resistance measurement error range
±(0,008X + 0,002XK)...± (0,012X + 0,003XKΩ
Output voltage (Magnetic wire saturation mode), max
100 V
Output power, max
60 W
Average measurement time
1 ... 2 min

Source 1. «Microohmmeter»

Test current, type
rectified, not smooth
Output current adjustment range (within permissible power range)
20 ... 600 А
Resistance Measurement Range
10-6 ... 0,1 Ω
Resistance measurement error range
±0,0005...± (0,008X + 0,002XK)mΩ
Output power, max
3000 VА
Average measurement time
10...15 min


Max. power consumption
6000 VА
Operating temperature range
-20 ... +50 °С
Device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Weight, max.
25 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
465 х 390 х 225 mm
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