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RET-МОМ.2 is a high-accuracy microohmmeter, an instrument of “Kalibr” series (accuracy class of 0.1%), designed for measurements within a wide range of 10 µΩ … 500 Ω with test current within 10 mA … 10 A range. It is used for measuring winding resistance of power transformers of any capacity, instrument CT and VT, stators and rotors of generators and motors, solenoids of different relays and disconnectors.

Measuring low resistance values of 10 µΩ and above also enables using RET-МОМ.2 in tests of other substation components: contacts of HV circuit-breakers, disconnectors, short-circuiters, bus joints, welded and bolt joints, power conductor line sections, etc.

To take measurements, the user can simply connect to the tested object and press Start/Stop button. All processes such as setting of test current, resistance measuring, adjusting resistance to the set temperature, saving results and safe transformer demagnetizing are fully automated.

Measurement mean time is below 30 s. To accelerate OLTC-based transformer rating, there is special OLTC mode for continuous current injection throughout the whole test cycle.

Mobile and Compact

RET-МОМ.2 is easy-to-use thanks to its low weight (7 kg) and compact dimensions (280х240х185 mm). The built-in battery enables instrument operation in stand-alone mode, enabling taking more than 500 measurements without recharge. If required, the microohmmeter can operate on mains power supply while battery is charged.

Delivery Set

The delivery set of RET-МОМ.2 instrument includes:

  • Microohmmeter RET-МОМ.2
  • Set of documents
  • Accessories:
    • RET-МОМ.2 bag
    • KI-МОМ.2 measuring cable
    • МОМ.2 extension cable
    • grounding cable
    • network cable
    • USB cable

Resistance measuring

Resistance measuring range
0,00001 ... 500 Ω
Limits of permissible basic relative DC resistance measurement accuracy
0,1 %
Test current value
0 ... 10 А

Operating conditions

Group of operating conditions acc. to GOST 61326-1-2014
А class
Operating temperature range
-20 ... +50 °С
Instrument power supply - built-in Pb-battery: - mains:
12 V 187...264 V
Number of measurements from a fully charged battery
Measuring cable length, min
15 m
Special measuring pliers
Weight, max
7 kg
Overall dimensions, max
280 х 240 х 185 mm
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