Good news for those who was looking forward to a compact device for secondary and primary equipment testing - we launch sales of a new set RETOM-25 that preserves full functionality of RETOM-21, but has less weight and minor dimensions.

The wide range of output parameters (200 A, 250 V, 1400 VA) enables using of RETOM-25 for testing and adjustment of all types of electromechanical relays, microprocessor-based IEDs 6-10-35 kV, emergency circuit breakers, and autoreclosers, testing of instrument current and voltage transformers, grounding cables, LV control switches, circuit breakers, electromagnetic starters, etc. PC-aided device control allows for testing of the majority of relay types as well as testing of voltage-current characteristics and CT demagnetization in the automatic mode.

Mean time between calibration tests is 4 years!

The guarantee term is 5 years.

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