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The extra strong handbag is designed for railway-, air- or truck transportation of RETOM-71/61/51 systems and the unit RET-64/32. It is also a must-have for frequent transportation of the equipment to far distances.

The handbag provides reliable protection against mechanical damage, random shocks or falling from the height (max. 1,5 m). Its rack is UV-, solvent-, mould- and corrosion-proven.

The handbag is a shock-proof plastic case equipped with two marginal casters for moving, easy-to-use handles with antiskid coating and a supplementary extension handle. The inner lining helps in reliable fixing of the device and provides additional protection.

The built-in automatic pressure balance valve protects the device during air transportation and in conditions of ambient temperature variations.

Main parameters and dimensions

Weight-carrying capacity, at least
50 kg
Handbag weight, max.
15 kg
External dimensions, max.
654 х 654 х 356 mm

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range
from -50 to +50 °С
Protection class provided by the cover as for GOST 14254-96 The handbag rack is UV-, solvent-, corrosion- and mould-proven

Storage and transportation rules

Ambient storage temperature
from -35 to +55 °С
Relative storage humidity
80% at 25 ºС
Mechanical impact during transportation shall comply with
GOST 22261-94
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