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The RET-10 block allows high-precision scaling of one of the output current channels of RETOM-71/61/51 with the factors 10, 5 and 0,1, thus providing for the possiblilty of testing with the wider range of currents and loads.

From the user's standpoint, RET-10 block allows to widen the technical application of RETOM-71/61/51 considerably, namely:

  • to bring the maximal output current to 200 A,
  • to lower the minimal output current to 1 mA,
  • to issue current in the range of 2 A at high-impedance loads of up to 65 Ohm.

The current converter block RET-10 is made on the basis of magnetic core from nanocristallic alloy with rare-earth components.



Number of outputs
Rated power
500 VА
Current transformation factors, Кт = I1/I2
10; 5; 0,1; 0,05; 0,02; 0,01
Maximal output current for Kt conversion factors, respectively
400 А
Maximal non-linear distortions factor
± 0,5 %
Frequency range
10 … 1000 Hz


Weight, max.
16 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
345 x 265 x 110 mm
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