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Loading transformer, serves for increasing the output current up to 3500 A

Having considered the previous experience with RETOM-11 and our customers' wishes we at Dynamics Ltd designed a loading transformer RET-3000. This transformer gives the maximally possible current with the maximally possible readings.

The loading transformer RET-3000 works together with RETOM-21/25 and serves for increasing the output current up to 3500 A. Therefore it is a necessary element of the testing system RETOM-21/25 if performing the following tests:

  • ratio test, current transformer phase angle and polarity measurement
  • testing of low voltage circuit breakers with primary current
  • current protection tests of low voltage circuit breakers
  • testing of direct mode current protection with primary current
  • testing of primary and secondary electrical equipment within RETOM-21/25 and RET-3000 current and power operating limits.


Input voltage
∼(0...220) V
Input current, max
30 А
Output current
3500 А
Number of turns of the primary winding


Operating temperature range
- 20 ... + 50 °С
Transformer weight with cables and connectors, max
36 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
Ø 240 х 90 mm
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