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Actually, the instrument current converter RET-DT is a flexible measuring ring (Rogowski coil) with a control unit that supplies low resistance (3 V AC) proportional to the measured current. It enables measuring of AC strength within the range 3 - 30 000 A.

It is intended for use together with RETOM-21, RETOM-25 devices and the voltamperemeter and phase meters RETOMETR-M2, RETOMETR-M3 and the RETOM-30kA system.

The flexible measuring ring supports measuring in wires located in hard-to-reach places, where conventional current sensors are inapplicable. Power supply is provided by two batteries AA, the operation time of one battery set is at least 400 hours.

Detailed characteristics are available in RET-DT certificate.


Current measuring range, A
Transformation ratio, mV/A (AC)
100 10 1 0,1
Limits of permissible absolute basic error of current measurement (at 50±5 Hz), A
Frequency range, Hz
Phase angle error, °
Overload ratio, from the limit
Min. resistance of external meter (voltmeter), kOhm
Weight, kg, max.
Overall dimensions of the control unit, mm, max.
135 x 70 x 24
Measuring ring diameter, mm, at least
Operating temperature range, °С
From -20 to +50
Electric shock hazard protection
Class III by GOST
Current consumption, mA, max.

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