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Tester RET-PT is designed for operation together with the voltamperemeter and phase meter RETOMETR-M3 and serves for determination of polarity of the instrument current transformers and testing of circuit integrity (continuity test).

The continuity test is performed with the help of probes connected to the measuring object. If the circuit is continuous, the LED lights and you’ll hear a beep sound.

To test the current transformer polarity connect probes to CT secondary winding, output clips – to the primary winding, put the switch into “Polarity test” position and start the testing procedure. If the polarity is reverse or the connection is incorrect, the tester LED does not light.

Delivery set

  • Tester RET-PT
  • Batteries АА 1,5 V – 2 pcs
  • Crocodile clips –  4 pcs
  • Probes – 2 pcs
  • Certificate
Detailed characteristics are available in RET-PT certificate.

Main technical data

Continuity test current, max.
0,1 mA
Output current amplitude, max.
1 A
Output voltage, max.
5 V
Protection against external voltage supply

General technical data

Insulation resistance between the rack and conductive parts, at least
20 MOhm
Power supply
2 batteries (2 х 1,5 V)
Weight, max.
0,45 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
70 × 135 × 24 mm
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