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The RET-TN unit allows to scale a three-voltage system at the output of RETOM-71/61/51 (RETOM-41M) with transformation coefficients of 0,1; 1; 5.

The user also acquires the following abilities:

  • to test the electricity meters with the voltage of 380 V,
  • to test a wide range of AC relays with the voltage of 380 V in distributive networks,
  • to test the blocking devices which blocks a protection at AC voltage circuits breakage by way of simultaneous supply of “star” and “open triangle” voltage circuits,
  • full-scale testing of relay protection devices by means of re-production of faults recorded in COMTRADE format.

Technical specifications

Input voltage at each phase, max
135 V
Output voltage at each phase, max
700 V
Output power of each phase, max
60 VА
Output voltage at no-load mode for corresponding K
Uвх× К × КД±2 %
Voltage coefficients K
1/√3 1 √3 5
Added voltage coefficients Кд
1,00; 1,05
Rated current
0,5 А 0,5 А 0,3 А 0,1 А
Load current, max
1,2 А 1,2 А 0,7 А 0,3 А
Frequency range
45 ... 185 Hz

Operating conditions

Weight, max
11 kg
Overall dimensions, max
345 x 265 x 110 mm
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