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In accordance with relay engineers’ desire NPP “Dynamica” improved RЕТ-VAH instrument transformer module. New device RЕТ-VAH-2000 in comparison with RЕТ-VAH module not only has increased power and increased output voltage up to 2000V, but is encapsulated in a new plastic enclosure which makes it more comfortable for use.

RЕТ-VAH-2000 module is intended for use with RЕТОМ-21/25 device and is capable to carry out tests within the following range:

  • measuring saturation curve (current-voltage) of 110-750 kV instrument transformers;
  • measuring transformer ratio and lead polarity for electromagnetic and capacitor instrument voltage transformers;
  • AC voltage insulation test;
  • various primary and secondary electric equipment test within 2000V, up to 4A and up to 2000VA range.

Attention! – RЕТОМ-21/25 test system configuration is at the user option.

It is of future user option to include RЕТ-VAH or RЕТОМ-6000 modules into RЕТОМ-21/25 test system configuration. This choice is conditioned by the fact that РЕТОМ-6000 not only is capable to perform all RЕТ-VAH module functions but to test insulation strength. Moreover it operates off-line.


Input voltage
250 V
Max input voltage, Veff
1100; 2200 V
Frequency range
45 … 65 Hz
Nominal power
2000 VА
Current and voltage transducer reference accuracy
1,0 %


Operating temperature range
-20 ... +50 °C
Weight, max
16 kg
Overall dimensions, max
430 х 280 х 325 mm
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