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Only high-quality test of electrical equipment!

In 2016 RETOM-21 was modified in a number of ways:

  • the weight of the test device was reduced for 7 kg;
  • the accuracy of the output data settings was increased by 10 times;
  • the maintenance of the equipment became even easier thanks to the new layout of controls: all the elements and programming module indicators are accessible in a single window;
  • the Source 3 can be controlled via PC;
  • programming module “Current Transformer” employs a wider range of the excitation curve in automatic mode(up to 2000 V), which allows users to promptly check CT with the knee point of an excitation curve up to 1800 V;
  • additionally, demagnetization of transformers is made automatic, which provides an adequate functioning of the protective relay;
  • software design and interface were updated, making the latter more friendly and intuitive. The software can be used by specialists with no prior experience and qualifications.

All these modifications allowed to improve the usability of the equipment.

RETOM-21 is a basic device of the testing system intended for testing of primary and secondary electrical equipment. Technical data:

  • max. output current of up to 700 A;
  • max. output voltage of up to 500 V;
  • sustainable maximum power up to 2000 and 6000 VA respectively;
  • adjustment of current, voltage, frequency, phase (angle);
  • multimeter allows to measure current, voltage, frequency and phase;
  • auxiliary DC power source;
  • full-featured CT maintenance check etc.

RETOM-21 is a certified measuring equipment.

Delivery kit

  • RETOM-21;
  • network cable;
  • operational manual;
  • user manual;
  • spare tools and accessories kit.

Source 1. OUTPUT «=U1». Adjustable DC voltage

Voltage adjustment range
176...264 V
Rated output power
220 W

Source 2. OUTPUT «~U2». Adjustable AC voltage

Operation range, to be selected in the menu
10 V 65 V 250 V
Ouput current adjustment range
0...10 А 0...1,5 А 0...0,6 А
Output power
150 VA
Reproduced frequency range
20...45 Hz 45...55 Hz 55...1000 Hz
Frequency change sampling rate
0,001 Hz
Phase change range
0...360 °

Source 3. OUTPUTS «~U3». Adjustable AC current or voltage

Voltage adjustment range
"∼500 V "∼250 V "∼40 V
Current adjustment range
0...8 А 0...16 А 0...100 А
Output power
3600 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT«=U4». Adjustable DC or rectified (unsmoothed) voltage

Rectified DC
Voltage adjustment range
8...250 V 10...350 V
Max. switching current, output
8 А 1 А
Rated output power
2000 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT «~U5». Adjustable AC current

Current adjustment range
0-700 А
Output power
4500 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT «~U6». Adjustable AC voltage

Output voltage adjustment range
5...240 V
Output power
6000 VА




Current measuring limits
0...700 А
Range of permissible absolute basic current measuring error
± (0,005x+0,0005Xк ) А


Voltage measuring limits
0...600 V
Range of permissible absolute basic voltage measuring error
± (0,005x+0,0005 Xк) V

Frequency counter

Frequency measuring ranges on voltage inputs
20...1000 Hz
Range of permissible absolute basic frequency measuring error
±0,005 Hz

Phase meter

Phase angle measuring range
0...360 °
Range of permissible absolute basic angle measuring error
± 1,0 °


Measuring limits
0...9999 s
Range of permissible absolute time measuring error
±0,5 ms


Operating temperature range
- 20 ...+ 50 °С
Device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Rated power consumption
3000 VА
Weight, max.
28 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
540 × 460 × 300 mm
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