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RETOM-25 is a new system in RETOM product range, which has all the functionality of RETOM-21, but is light in weight (19 kg) and compact (340х430х205 mm).


RETOM-25 is irreplaceable for test and adjustment of the following primary and secondary equipment:

  • all types of electro-mechanical relays (directional and non-directional current relays, voltage, resistance, power, frequency, time, indication, auxiliary and other relays),
  • micro-processor protections 6-10-35 kV,
  • residual current circuit-breakers,
  • measuring current transformers,
  • measuring voltage transformers,
  • grounding equipment,
  • auto-reclosers,
  • high-voltage circuit-breakers,
  • automatic circuit-breakers,
  • low-voltage control devices,
  • contactors, electromagnetic actuators, etc.

Main advantages:

  • max. output current of 200 A – enables tests of all relay types, measuring of transformation ratio and polarity of current transformers;
  • max. power of 5000 VA – output power of the device for operation with additional modules RET-3000 and RET-VAH-2000;
  • output voltage of 250 V – operation in 220 V networks, taking volt-ampere characteristics of measuring current transformers with saturation voltage of 250 V;
  • compact and convenient in use – device can be easily transported thanks to its low weight (19 kg only) and small dimensions, removable cover enables its use both in vertical and horizontal position;
  • expansion of device functionality by using  RET-3000 loading transformer, RET-DT current converter, RET-VAH-2000 transformer module, RETOM-6000 insulation tester, RETOMETR-M2 volt-ampere-phase-meter;
  • accurate measurements – available electronic controller enables setting values of output parameters with small step (0.1% of selected range), which ensures obtaining more accurate measurement results. Additional indicators enable determining of controller current position;
  • a wide range of measurements of delivered and external current, voltage, frequency, phase angle, all types of time characteristics (operation, reset, duration, time diversity, bounce) of different relays and switching devices, determination of impedance, resistance and reactance, apparent, active and reactive power;
  • various measuring methods: based on amplitude, half-period average value, true RMS, with first harmonic distinguishing (50 Hz);
  • phase and frequency control: capability of controlling phase angle between two sources enables test of directional protections (power relays, resistance relays, etc.), as well as synchronization systems;
  • capability of frequency variation within a wide range (20-1000 Hz) enables test of filter relays, high setting accuracy (0.001 Hz) enables test of frequency relays, while frequency variation rate control (df/dt) enables AFLS and FAR test;
  • auxiliary power supply source (220 W) enables test of RPA devices in autonomous mode at rated, reduced and increased voltages (176 - 260 V);
  • computer control – device can operate both in autonomous mode and under PC control. Software included into the delivery kit contains “Manual control” module for fully functional control of RETOM-25 basic components, as well as automatic test programs for most relay types (current, voltage, power, frequency relays) and taking volt-ampere characteristics of measuring current transformers;
  • verification interval of 4 years.

Delivery Kit

Delivery kit of RETOM-25 tester includes:

  • RETOM-25 relay protection parameter measuring device,
  • network cable,
  • spare tools and accessories kit,
  • set of documents according to the list,
  • technical passport,
  • operation manual,
  • spare tools and accessories list,
  • verification methods.

At customer’s request, the following can be included into the delivery kit:

  • RET VAH-2000 instrument transformer module,
  • RET-3000 loading transformer,
  • RETOM-6000 insulation electrical strength and resistance measuring device,
  • RETOMETR-M2 digital volt-ampere-phase-meter,
  • Universal Instrument Rack SPU.

Source 1. OUTPUT «=U1». Adjustable DC voltage

Voltage adjustment range
176...260 V
Rated output power
220 W

Source 2. OUTPUT «~U2». Adjustable AC voltage

Operation range, to be selected in the menu
10 V 65 V 250 V
Ouput current adjustment range
10 А 1,5 А 0,6 А
Output power
150 VА
Reproduced frequency range
20...45 Hz 45...55 Hz 55...1000 Hz
Frequency change sampling rate
0,001 Hz
Phase change range
0...360 °

Source 3. OUTPUTS «~U3». Adjustable AC current or voltage

Voltage control ranges
250;50 V
Current control ranges
6;30 А
Output power
1400 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT «=U4». Adjustable DC or rectified (unsmoothed) voltage

Rectified DC
Voltage adjustment range
8...250 V 10...350 V
Max. switching current, output
2 А 0,5 А
Rated output power
750 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT «~U5». Adjustable AC current

Output current
200 А
Output power
1400 VА

Source 3. OUTPUT «~U6». Adjustable AC voltage

Output voltage adjustment range
5...215 V
Output power
5000 VА


Type of current


Current measuring limits
50...500 А
Range of permissible absolute basic current measuring error
± (0,005x+0,0005Xк


Voltage measuring limits
6...600 V
Range of permissible absolute basic voltage measuring error
± (0,005x+0,0005 Xк) V

Frequency counter

Frequency measuring ranges on votage inputs
20...1000 Hz
Range of permissible absolute basic frequency measuring error
±0,005 Hz

Phase meter

Phase angle measuring range
0...360 °
Range of permissible absolute basic angle measuring error
± 1,0 °


Measuring limits
0 ... 9999 s
Range of permissible absolute time measuring error
± 0,5


Operating temperature range
от - 20 ...+ 50 °С
Device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Rated power consumption
3000 VА
Weight, max.
19 kg
Overall dimensions, max.
340 × 430 × 205 mm
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