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Big current - Great possibilities!
The set RETOM-30KA is intended for primary current testing of automatic AC breakers that include electromagnetic, thermal and, most important, electronic disconnectors and of current transformers. The set is portable and multifunctional; it enables testing of a wide range of equipment due to unique characteristics:

  • maximum output primary sinusoidal current is 30000 А, DC – 6000 А (with the use of RET-6kA module);
  • maximum output power is 55000 VA (8000 VA DC);
  • output program-controlled voltage required for disconnector supply during testing of selective automatic breakers that include electronic units;
  • adjustable injection time range: from 20 ms;
  • measurement of the injected current RMS with min. 1 ms injection time;
  • external current measurement: 200 mA ... 20 A;
  • external voltage measurement: 250 mV ... 500 V;
  • measured phase angel between injected and external currents: -180° ... +180° ;
  • measured phase angel between external current and voltage: -180° ... +180°;
  • measured automatic CB operating time: 1 ms ... 10 000 s;

Application and Scope of Tests
Primary current testing of relay protection and automation equipment
Accordung to the existing relay protection and automation equipment testing norms, this is a basic test. It helps to find out whether relay parameters are set correctly and whether circuit connections from busbars via the instruments CT to the relay during primary current injection are correct. RETOM-30KA checks:

  • overcurrent protection operating current;
  • overcurrent protection operating time;
  • secondary circuit phasing.

Automatic breaker tests
The set RETOM-30KA enables testing of the widest range of circuit breakers produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers: ABM, AB50-45, BA-08, BA 04-36, BA 06-36, BA 51-39, A 3790, BA 50-41, BA 50-43, AB2M, Elektron, BA 60-26, BA 51, BA 52, BA 57, etc. and foreing analog products. At present, the requirements to quality of a testing signal and the measurement accuracy in conditions of high current generation are very severe. RETOM-30KA meets all modern requirements and enables quality testing of state-of-the-art automatic breakers with electronic disconnectors, which operation is RMS-based (sine wave square, as the set generates valuable harmonic current beginning from the zero-crossing point). Besides, RETOM-30KA includes an additional power supply unit that is necessary for quality testing of such type of automates that require the mains supply to obtain reliable testing results. The set supports testing of following parameters:

  • disconnector operating current in the fault current zone;
  • disconnector operating time in the fault current zone;
  • disconnector operating time in the selective fault current zone;
  • disconnector operating time in the overload current zone.

Testing of instrument current transformers in relay protection and automation circuits
The set defines:

  • transformation ratio;
  • polarity/phasing by means of AC current;
  • CT load nature.

Testing of instrument CTs used for energy metering
To define current and angular errors you can use RETOM-30KA (as an adjustable current source) and the current and phase comparison device. When used together, they provide testing of instrument. CTs with the rated current up to 30 000 A.


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