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RETOM-51 – power in your hands!

Reliability of relay protection equipment is mostly determined by quality of its performance check both in debugging and in field operation. These checks are carried out on a regular basis using specific tools generating currents and voltages necessary to diagnose Relay Protection and Automation equipment.

As utilities have a great number of relay units their testing requires significant expenditure and high skilled personnel. Test system based on RETOM-51 instrument would be of great help to cope with this problem.


  • universal three-phase current and voltage source providing that each parameter can be amplitude and phase controlled,
  • test system for relay protection and automation testing under debugging and commissioning, followed by test protocol,
  • universal wide range current, voltage and frequency measuring tool.


  • automated testing and adjustment of all generation relay protection and automation devices,
  • up-to-date microprocessor-based relay and complicated home and foreign protection systems,
  • solid-state relay protection and automation systems,
  • whole range of relay protection and automation electromechanical panels and sets,
  • home and foreign fault locators,
  • emergency control panels and remote measurement circuits,
  • synchronizing devices,
  • watthour meters,
  • generator excitation system,
  • railway protection systems.

Main advantages:

  • free standard multifunctional software package allows easy and quick manual and semiautomatic (special package for automatic) test of any relay and protection,
  • joint operation with RETOM-CVHM set allows full test of phase differential protection subset,
  • using RET-GPS units it is possible to arrange synchronized operation of remote two sets providing unique opportunity to end-to-end test of differential phase protection subsets,
  • wide range built-in intelligent device provides high safety as of the instrument as the equipment under test,
  • in case of disturbance all output signals are tripped and testing procedure is suspended until troubleshooting. This considerably improves safety work and accuracy of the results,
  • reliable operation in a wide network range,
  • user-friendly and well-familiar Windows interface,
  • the open control architecture of RETOM-51 ensures quick and simple development of individual testing programs,
  • a solid and a good-looking case, considerably more resistant to mechanical influence,

Delivery set

The testing system RETOM-51 operates under control of PC and includes the following:

  • testing device RETOM-51,
  • standard software with the following modules included:
    • manual control of current and voltage sources,
    • current relay testing,
    • voltage relay testing o power relay testing,
    • impedance relay testing,
    • frequency relay testing,
    • universal stopwatch-recorder,
    • power system model,
  • accessories,
  • related documentation.

On customer's request, the following can be additionally included into the delivery set:

  • special programs for automated testing of relays of different types and complete protection sets,
  • three-phase voltage converter unit RET-TN,
  • single-phase current converter unit RET-10.

Current sources

Current change range:
- three-phase mode
36 А; 700 VА
- single-phase mode
100 А; 1400 VА
- DC source mode
30 А
Min. current change step
1,0 mА
Range of permissible relative error of AC value reproduction
± (0,004Х + 0,00004Xk) А

Voltage sources

Voltage change range:
- three-phase mode
135 В; 80 VА
- single-phase mode
405 V
- DC voltage source mode
380 V; 80 W
Min. voltage change step
10 mV
Range of permissible relative error of DC and AC voltage
± (0,004Х + 0,00004Xk) V

Current and voltage sources

Reproducible frequency range for current source
1...1000 Hz
Reproducible frequency range for voltage source
1...2100 Hz
Min.step of frequeucy change
0,001 Hz
Range of permissible absolute error of frequency reproduction within 45...65 Hz
± 0,0002 Hz
Range of current and voltage phase shift change with mains frequency (50 Hz)
0...359,999 °
Min.step of phase shift change
0,001 °
Range of permissible absolute error of phase shift setting for current and voltage channels (within 5...100% of signal amplitude reproduction range)
± 0,3 °

Auxiliary DC voltage source

Output voltage range
130...264 V; 300 W
Output current
1,25 А
Peak-to-peak ripple in 0 - 20 MHz frequency range at 220V output voltage and max. output power
±1 %


Time measurement range
0,001...99 999 s
Range of permissible relative error of time measurement
± 0,1 %

Analog inputs

Voltage measurement limits
0,5...5; 5...500 V
Voltage measurement permissible absolute error limits
± (0,005Х + 0,0001Xk) V

Binary inputs

"dry contact", transistor switch, TTL 15 V
Max. DC input voltage
300 V

Binary outputs

4 4
Transistor Relay
Making capacity at resistive load:
- DC current value
0,12 А 5 А
- DC voltage value
400 V 250 V

General characteristic

Testing device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Power consumption, max.
3600 VA
Weight, max.
19 kg
Overall dimensions (without handle), max.
510 х 180 х 475 mm
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