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Electric installations insulation tests are mandatory at all stages of their operation. SPE “Dynamics” has developed RETOM-6000 that has taken all the experience of RETOM-2500 operation:

  • the system has become completely automated, but it comprises manual control as well;
  • DC and AC voltage increased up to 6 kV;
  • the system comprises a megohmmeter for insulation resistance measurement;
  • channel power increased 1.5 times and reached 2 kVA; up to 1 kV mode was added for recording 110 – 750 kV CT transfer curves;
  • microprocessor-based control permits to freeze at the display voltage value, leakage current and increased voltage time up the moment of breakdown. Select instantaneous tripping mode for breakdown or mode with channel afterburning;
  • practical plastic case is convenient for device transportation to the site.


RETOM-6000 system is designed for testing insulation of customer electric equipment and apparatuses of electric installations up to 6 kV at power stations, substations and power sector of industrial enterprises. These are:

  • various semiconductor converters;
  • power transformers and reactors both with thinned and with standard insulation;
  • porcelain and other insulation types for various apparatuses, current and voltage transformers, current-limiting reactors, insulators, entries, coupling capacitors, isolated bus ducts, busbars, switchgear, transformer substations, electrode boilers, etc.;
  • paper, plastic and rubber-insulated cables;
  • generator and compensator stator and rotor windings, excitation and field suppression circuits;
  • AC motor stator and rotor windings, excitation circuits;
  • various protection facilities: isolating rods, voltage indicators, clip-on meters, insulating fishplates, insulated tools, gloves, gumshoes, etc.

RETOM-6000 – is designed not only for insulation testing, but for transformer testing as well.

RETOM-6000 is a completely self-contained instrument, though it is included into RETOM-21/25 system, as insulation resistance measurement and testing are an integral part of the test process during equipment commissioning and maintenance.

Besides, RETOM-6000 extends to a great extent functionality of RETOM-21/25 test system applied for checking instrument current and voltage transformers, as well as power transformers, taking into consideration their wide variety.

The device also permits to carry out core demagnetizing and record 110-750 kV CT magnetization curve.


DC current test voltages
250; 500; 1000; 2500; 5000 V
Resistance measurement admissible range:
100 kOhm...2000 MOhm
Resistance measurement reduced error, max
± 5 %
Max current
2,5 mА

Insulation test mode

Output voltage source
∼U2 =U3 ∼U4
Output voltage fine control range
0,1...3 kV 0,2...6 kV 0,2...6 kV
Output current, max
0,5 А 0,02 А 0,1 А
Output power,max
1500 VA 120 VА 600 VА
Range of permissible relative basic error
-voltage measuring
± 2 %
-current measuring
± 1 %

Saturation curve measuremant mode

Output voltage source
AC output voltage measurement range
0...1,0 kV 0...2,0 kV
Output current, max
2 А 1 А
AC Current Measurement Range
2...2000 mА
Output power, max
2000 VА

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range
-10...+40 °С
Device power supply
220 V;50 Hz
Power consumption, max
2200 VА
Weight, max
35 kg
Overall dimensions, max
540х460х300 mm
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