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Higher current – wider test range!

RETOM-61 — based universal test set is an up-to-date solution for complicated diagnostic tasks. The set allows manual and automatic testing and debugging of all types of relay protection, from electromechanical panel to microprocessor terminals.

Flexibility in application:

  • internal microcomputer provides RETOM-61 operation with any Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven/8-operated PC;
  • Instrument/PC Ethernet link enhances communication speed and allows to control several RETOM-61 by one PC. Combination of 10 instruments in one set allows to carry out dynamic test and transients modeling using up to 60 current and 40 voltage channels;
  • two three-phase current systems permit easy and rapid test of transformer differential protection;
  • three-phase output current increased to 72 А, meanwhile power per channel is 1000 VA;
  • 200 A single-phase maximum output current allows to cover up to 90% of current settings used;
  • four voltage supply units allows to configure three-phase voltage system and 3U0 galvanically separated channel;
  • up to 405 V single-phase voltage permits to test 0,4 kV relay circuits;
  • frequency range increased to 1000 Hz;
  • a special DC voltage supply unit (=U) is provided to energize the device under test;
  • the device is equipped with full-function dual channel oscilloscope-multimeter;
  • internal high-resolution (0.1 ms) 16-input discrete analyzer allows to analyze response of the protection under test to the maximum;
  • 8 output relays allow to set any binary signal combinations for complicated protection systems test, IED in particular;
  • PC connection is made thru Ethernet port.


  • three-phase voltage system together with 3U0 channel permit to test complicated protections that need y-connection and open delta connection (or capacitive voltage transformer cubicle connection), auto-synchronizers etc.;
  • RЕТOM-61850 switching module permits to test IED protections according to IEC 61850 standard requirements;
  • RЕТ-64/32 module usage allows to increase number of binary inputs up to 80 and outputs up to 40;
  • using RЕТ-GPS modules it is possible to synchronize operation of two systems widely spaced apart which is a unique possibility to test simultaneously both OL protection subsystems located at its ends;
  • single-phase current transformer RЕТ-10 is designed for current scaling with 10, 6 and 0.1 ratios which permits to obtain valid current measurement from 1mA to 720A channel;
  • three-phase voltage transformer RЕТ-ТN is intended to scale voltage with 1/v3; 1; v3 and 5 ratios which allows to test relay protection and automation system for 0.4 and 0.66 kV, energy meter including;
  • all connectors are located on the front panel permitting to operate the device both in vertical and in horizontal position;
  • RЕТОМ-61internal microcomputer provides operation with any Windows XP/Vista/Seven/8-operated PC;
  • friendly and Windows-conventional interface;
  • free software suit permits in manual and semi-automatic mode and a special suit in automatic mode to test easily and rapidly any relay and protection.;
  • RЕТОМ-61 open control architecture allows user to create his own test programs with wide range of automation;
  • use of standard Windows facilities for preparation of protocols permits to facilitate report creation;
  • single PC-based parallel operation of several RЕТОМ-61 devices permits to obtain necessary number of current and voltage sources;
  • convenient way of software updating allows to use the latest version;
  • joint operation with RЕТОМ-VCH enables user to carry out full-scale test of instantaneous carrier-pilot phase comparison protection subsystem.

Safety and reliability:

  • IED with a wide-range internal monitoring provides high safety both for the device itself and for equipment under test;
  • in case of emergency all output signals are switched off and test process is stopped until recovery. This essentially increases security of test works and verification of the data;
  • analog input isolation provides secure measurement of external voltages;
  • channel accident-free terminals provide protection against electric shock;
  • safety operation within a wide range of line voltage;
  • robust and aesthetically pleasing device case is resistant to mechanical impacts.


RЕТОМ-61 system provides possibility to test and setup relay protections of all generations both in manual and in automatic modes:

  • state-of-art home and foreign microprocessor relay and sophisticated protection systems;
  • semi-conductor relay protection and automation devices;
  • the whole range of electric panels, protection and automation sets;
  • home and foreign fault detectors;
  • out-of-step protection panels and remote measurement circuits;
  • sync devices;
  • energy counters;
  • generator excitation systems;
  • railway protections.

Delivery set

PC-controlled RЕТОМ-61 system delivery set includes:

  • RЕТОМ-61 test instrument;
  • standard software consisting of the following modules::
    • Manual control for current and voltage sources
    • Current relay test
    • Voltage relay test
    • Directional power relay test
    • Resistance relay test
    • Frequency relay test
    • Universal stopwatch register
    • Digital oscilloscope record fault display
    • Power system model
    • RETOM-Master special test program development language
    • Test data generator

Transformer differential protection

  • accessories;
  • supporting documents.

Optional delivery:

  • special programs for automatic test of different relay and packaged protection systems ;
  • RЕТ-TN three-phase voltage transducer unit;
  • RЕТ-10 single-phase current transducer unit;
  • RЕТ-GPS sync unit;
  • RЕТ-64/32 input/output expansion unit;
  • Notebook;
  • printer;
  • RЕТОМ-61 robust transporting case.

Current sources

Current measuring range:
- 1-phase
200 A (600 VA)
- 3-phase
72 A (3x750 VA)
- 6-phase
36 A (6x350 VA)
- DC range
30 А
Min. current regulation step
1,0 mА
DC and AC current value permissible absolute error limits (RMS value)
±(0,004x + 0,00004Xк) А

Voltage sources

Voltage measuring range:
- 4-phase
135 (135 VA)
- DC range (shunt connection of sources)
380 (80 W)
Min. voltage regulation step
10 mV
AC and DC voltage value permissible absolute error limits
± (0,004Х + 0,00004Xk) V

Current and voltage sources

Reproducible frequency range for current source
1...1000 Hz
Reproducible frequency range for voltage source
1...2100 Hz
Min. frequency increment step
0,001 Hz
Frequency accuracy permissible absolute error limits at 45...65 Hz
± 0,0002 Hz
Phase shift angle variation fundamental frequency
0...359,999 °
Min. frequency increment step
0,001 °
Phase shift angle setting permissible absolute error limits (5 to 100% signal amplitude reproduction range)
± 0,3 °

Auxiliary DC voltage source

Output voltage range
от 130...264 V
Max. output power
300 W

Analog inputs

Voltage measurement limits
0,5...5; 5...500 V
Voltage measurement permissible absolute error limits
±(0,005x + 0,0001Xк) V

Binary inputs

«dry contact», transistor switch, TTL 15 V

Binary outputs

4 4
Transistor Relay
Making capacity at resistive load:
- DC current value
0,12 А 5 А
- DC voltage value
400 V 250 V

General characteristic

Ambient operating temperature range
1...40 °С
Test set power supply:
220 V;50 Hz
Power consumption, max
3600 VA
Weight, max
20,5 kg
Overall dimensions (w/o test switch), max.
510 × 180 × 485 мм
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