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The device is designed to perform complete testing of relay protection and automation systems under IEC 61850. It operates independently and in combination with RETOM-71/61/51 test set.

Fundamental functionalities:

  • off-line relay protection and automation equipment test,
  • logic signals real time exchange with the device under test in the form of GOOSE-messages allows user to receive and transmit selected logic signal for analysis,
  • current and voltage signal generation in digitized form (Sampled Values),
  • processing of output and input GOOSE-messages with simultaneous output and analysis of incoming Sampled Values,
  • SNTP(NTP), PTP (IEEE 1588), PPS, GPS time synchronization,
  • Ethernet-based recording of input data flow with real timestamps and further oscillogram mapping,
  • each of 5 Ethernet ports can set-up to receive and transmit GOOSE-messages and Sampled Values flows.

Current sources

Max Ethernet RJ-45 ports, pcs.
Data communication speed
100/1000 Mbit/s


Number of Input GOOSE-messages
Number of Output GOOSE-messages
Number of logic inputs and outputs
Proper process time
1 ms
Network transmit-to-receive time
Type 1A; Class P2/3

Sampled Values

Number of output flows
20 (max. 60)
Number of input flows
4 (max. 8)
Rated signal frequency
50 Hz
Rated frequency cycle sample rate
80; 256

General characteristic

Time synchronization
Binary inputs
Binary outputs
Device power supply
100 ... 240 (∼220) V
Overall dimensions
405 х 410 х 170 mm
Weight, max.
8 kg
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