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First Test System of “Kalibr” Product Range!


RETOM-71 is designed for test and high-accuracy metrological verification of:

  • relay protection and automation electromechanical devices,
  • protections with up to 6 voltage sensors (with voltage source supervision, fuse failure blocking),
  • digital devices with IEC 61850 support,
  • high-accuracy automation and control devices,
  • electric power meters,

Main advantages:

  • accuracy class of 0.1% enables high-accuracy metrological verification of both relay protection and automation devices, electric power meters, etc.;
  • 6 current sources are designed for fully functional test of any relay protection and automation devices, including differential protections. Max. output current in six-phase mode is 20 A, in three-phase mode – 40 A, in single-phase mode – 120 A;
  • 6 voltage sources enable test of protections with a high number (up to 6) of voltage channels. Max. output value of each phase is 140 V;
  • 16 binary inputs and 16 binary outputs enable fullest possible analysis of response of complex relay protection and automation devices. New convenient connectors significantly simplify connection and configuration diagrams;
  • compact nature – the device, with its small weight (16 kg) and dimensions, provides output parameters required for test of both electromechanical and all types of modern protections;
  • support of IEC 61850 standard – 2 embedded Ethernet-ports enable interference-immune connection with the controlling computer, as well as receiving and issuing of GOOSE-messages (16 incoming messages/16 outgoing messages);
  • a wide range of standard software programs enables test of any protections in manual and semi-automatic modes;
  • “Sequence Generator”, “RPA Test”, “RETOM-Master”, “Test Generator” programs, included in the delivery set, enable developing individual test scripts;
  • a wide range of accessories, included in the delivery set, contains different cables and adapters for fully functional tests of RPA systems of any complexity;
  • more than 65 special programs for automated tests of RPA devices of well-known manufacturers can be additionally included in the delivery set at customer’s request;
  • high interference immunity – the system meets requirements of GOST R 51317.6.5-2006 (IEC 61000-6-5:2001) and FGC UES Company Standard 56947007-29.240.044-2010, which enables its use at substations of any voltage level;
  • guaranteed reliability – new design and circuitry solutions ensure system high reliability both in operation and transportation;
  • verification interval of 4 years.

Delivery Kit

  • RETOM-71,
  • software CD,
  • spare parts and accessories kit (see Appendix A) according to the spare parts and accessories list,
  • operation manual,
  • user’s manual,
  • verification methods,
  • technical passport,
  • packing list.

At customer’s request, the following can be included into the delivery kit (see Figure 4.2):

  • RET-10 single-phase current converter module,
  • RET-TN three-phase voltage converter module,
  • RET-64/32 input/output expansion module,
  • RET-GPS time synchronization module,
  • RETOM-61850,
  • computer,
  • printer,
  • special programs,
  • heavy-duty transportation case

Current sources

2 galvanically isolated groups of 3 star-connected sources each
Current change range:
- three-phase mode
20 А; 250 VА
- single-phase mode
60 А; 1000 VА
- DC source mode
15 А
Min. current change step
1,0 mА
Пределы допускаемой основной абсолютной погрешности воспроизведения силы переменного тока в диапазоне частот от 48 до 52 Гц
±(0,0009x + 0,00005Xк) А
Range of permissible relative error of AC value reproduction
±(0,0009x + 0,00005Xк) А

Voltage sources

Voltage change range:
- three-phase mode
140 V; 35 VА
- single-phase mode
280 V
- DC voltage source mode
390 V;35 W
Min. voltage change step
1 mV
Range of permissible relative error of DC and AC voltage
±(0,0004x + 0,00005Xк) V

Current and voltage sources

Reproducible frequency range for current source
1...1000 Hz
Reproducible frequency range for voltage source
1...2100 Hz
Min.step of frequeucy change
0,001 Hz
Range of permissible absolute error of frequency reproduction within 45...65 Hz
± 0,00001 Hz
Range of current and voltage phase shift change with mains frequency (50 Hz)
0...360 °
Min.step of phase shift change
0,001 °
Range of permissible absolute error of phase shift setting for current and voltage channels (within 5...100% of signal amplitude reproduction range)
±0,1 °

Auxiliary DC voltage source

Output voltage range
от 5...264 V

Analog inputs

Voltage measurement limits
0,06...6; 6...600 V
Voltage measurement permissible absolute error limits
±(0,001x + 0,0001Xк) V

Binary inputs

«dry contact», transistor switch, TTL 15 V

Binary outputs

12 4
Transistor Relay
Making capacity at resistive load:
- DC current value
0,12 А 5 А
- DC voltage value
400 V 250 V

General characteristic

Testing device power supply:
220 V;50 Hz
Power consumption, max.
3600 VA
Weight, max.
16 kg
Overall dimensions (without handle), max.
500 × 150 × 470 мм
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