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More than a conventional phase volt-ampere meter!

RETOMETR-M3 is a new voltamperemeter and phasemeter with unique functionality. Besides measuring of three-phase and single-phase circuit parameters, it supports measurement of DC circuit parameters, power quality indices and express testing of HV circuit-breakers.  

The device is intended for the personnel of relay protection and automation services, chief power engineer services of industrial enterprises and the specialists involved into electric installation adjustment and maintenance.

This new voltamperemeter and phasemeter is remarkable for high measurement accuracy and user-friendly control through a large sensor display and intuitive menu.


  • Current and voltage measurement in single-phase circuits, calculation of apparent, active and reactive power, efficiency factor – cosφ, losses – tgφ, impedance, resistance and reactance of the monitored circuit;
  • Current and voltage measurement in three-phase circuits, plotting of three-phase vector diagrams, measurement of apparent, active and reactive power, cosφ, in every phase, three-phase active power and total power ratio;
  • Measurement of positive, negative and zero components of three-phase currents and voltages, their apparent, active and reactive power, asymmetry factors;
  • Comparison of two voltage or current signals, calculation of the angle between them or their relation;
  • Phase sequence check;
  • Calculation of CT and VT ratios (by using an external source);
  • Simultaneous measurement in two galvanically-separated voltage circuits;
  • Measurement of power quality indices according to class A of GOST 30804.4.30-2013;
  • Recording of current and voltage signals;
  • Estimation of harmonic content of a measured signal;
  • Express testing of HV circuit-breakers and calculation of main operation times.

Main benefits

  • large 5” color sensor display for user-friendly control and display of measured parameters in both text and graphic forms;
  • 4 current channels for AC measurement in three phases and the neutral;
  • small-size clamp meters (type 1) included into the delivery set are used for measuring currents up to 40 A in most hard-to-access locations, e.g. in modern panels and bays;
  • possibility of measuring DC (max. 300 A) circuit parameters by special large-diameter (max. 22 mm) clamp meters (type 2);
  • 4 voltage channels for measuring three phases, 3Uo and two linear voltages;
  • voltage channels can be joined to increase the measurement limit up to 1200 V (for 660 V and higher circuits);
  • 8-channel disturbance recorder for current and voltage waveform estimation;
  • high accuracy and improved noise immunity provide valid measurement results;
  • high sensitivity enables calculation of all parameters from the very moment of real change of current and voltage (beginning from 1 mA and 1 mV);
  • shock-proof rack with built-in magnets for easy fixing on metal surface and the palm of a transportation bag;
  • built-in storage battery (Li-ion-pol) for quick charge and long-time operation.

Express test of circuit-breakers

In addition, the device can perform express testing of HV circuit-breakers, which helps to estimate correctness of auxiliary DC-controlled CB actuator operation by recording CB closing and opening coil currents in a remarkably short time. Such test is especially important for a spring return actuator.

Express test functions:

  • simultaneous trip coil DC recording and AC measurement in three phases of secondary circuits by the clamp meter
  • online measurement of auxiliary supply voltage
  • display of operating DC current and voltage and secondary circuit currents
  • automatic parameter calculation: peak current values, voltage before and during switching, closing/opening of main contacts (calculated by loss of current in secondary circuits)

On completion of testing all results can be saved in the device memory, MicroSD card or sent to a PC via Ethernet.

Delivery kit

  • device RETOMETR-M3 
  • clamp meter Type 1 for AC (0,04 – 40 A) – 4 pcs
  • clamp meter Type 2 for DC (1-300 A)
  • mains adapter
  • measuring probes (5 wires, 1 m)
  • crocodile clips
  • dovetail connector adapter 4 mm
  • sensing needles
  • MicroSD card
  • RETOMETR-M3 bag
  • spare part list
  • accompanying document list
  • passport
  • operation manual


Number of measuring channels
Input resistance, min
2 MOhm
Voltage measurement ranges
0 ... 600 V
Limits of permissible basic relative error of voltage measurements
± 0,1 %


Number of measuring channels
Current type
AC current measurement ranges
0 ... 40 А
DC current measurement ranges
1 ... 300 А
Limits of permissible basic relative error in measuring AC current of a fundamental frequency
± 0,5 %

Frequency measurement

Voltage Frequency Measurement Range
48 ... 52 Hz
AC voltage Measurement range
0 ... 600 V
Limits of permissible absolute measurement error
±0,002 Hz

Phase Angle Measurement

Measurement range of the phase difference between two voltages, two currents, voltage and current
-180 ... 180 °
AC voltage range
0 ... 600 V
AC current range
0 ... 40 А
Limits of permissible absolute phase angle measurement error (between two voltages)
±0,1 °
Limits of permissible absolute phase angle measurement error (between two currents)
±1,0 °
Limits of permissible absolute phase angle measurement error (between voltage and current)
±0,5 °

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range
- 20 … + 40 °С
Power supply of device
imbedded Li-ion accumulator 4500 mA/h (3,7 V)
Weight, max
3 kg
Overall dimensions, max
125 х 185 х 50 mm
Battery run-time (25 % display brightness level, Ethernet cable is unplugged), min
6 h
Overall dimensions (with bag), max
310 х 180 х 180 mm
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