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The universal instrument rack (SPU) is designed for a more comfortable operation and transportation of RETOM-71/61/51 systems together with units RET-10, RET-TN or RETOM-25/21 (RETOM-11M) together with units RET-3000 and RET-VAKH-2000 (RET-VAKH).

SPU is, actually, a three-level demountable steel rack that helps to arrange a comfortable workplace in any conditions. Its solid design and powerful wheels enable transportation of the equipment along field roads and off-road. Fixing straps are provided for mounting the equipment on the rack. Due to its small dimensions the assembled rack can be taken into the lift. The upper shelf is used for arranging the notebook during testing and can be easily folded up during transportation.

The rack is delivered with the portable power cord reel (30 m) for connecting the equipment to 220 V AC mains.

Main parameters and dimensions

Weight-carrying capacity, at least
80 kg
Rack weight, max.
19 kg
Rack weight with accessories kit, max.
25 kg
Overall dimensions:
- in operating position, max.
1185 × 645 × 595 mm
Number of shelves
Number of wheels

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range
from -50 to +40 °С
Relative humidity at 25°С, max.
80 %
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