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The rectifier unit and differential amplifier are designed for expanding RETOM-21/25 system functionality and enable testing automatic DC circuit-breakers and measuring transient resistance above 1 µOhm with relative error below 2%.

Rectifier Unit (RET-BV)

The rectifier unit enables increasing direct current injected by RETOM-21/25 system up to 400 A. It is designed for testing automatic DC circuit-breakers within 8 … 400 A range and measuring transient resistance. The unit is connected to I5 output of RETOM-21/25 instrument with power cables included in RETOM-21/25 delivery set.

Differential amplifier (RET-UD)

The differential amplifier enables increasing sensitivity threshold of RETOM-21/25 instrument for measuring low voltage levels. The amplification error within 0.3 mV … 300 mV range is 0.5%. The unit uses two gains – 1:10 and 1:100. Maximum output voltage is 3 V. The amplifier is connected to PV2 input of RETOM-21/25 instrument. The display of the device shows the measured value with consideration for the gain, which is user-convenient.

Rectifier unit

Kind of test current
rectified, unsmoothed
Maximum input voltage
10 V
Maximum output current value when operated jointly with RETOM-21
400 А
Length of input cables, min.
1 m
Operating temperature range
- 20 ... + 50 °С
Unit weight, max
5 kg
Unit overall dimensions (w/o cables), max
235 х 120 х 65 mm

Differential amplifier

Maximum input voltage at Кg = 10, RMS
300 mV
Maximum input voltage at Кg = 100, RMS
30 mV
Maximum output voltage, RMS
3 V
Cable length, min
1,5 m
Operating temperature range
- 20 ... + 50 °С
Unit weight, max
0,3 kg
Unit overall dimensions (w/o cables), max
145 х 92 х 35 mm
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